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Individual Education Program (IEP)
There are an estimated 6.5 million children with disabilities in the US; each one of these children      requires an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Each IEP defines the individualized objectives of a child and is intended to help reach educational goals.  Disabilities, like each child, are very different ranging from emotional to physical to cognitive, making the “I” in IEP even more important.  But how can IEP’s be resolved with a stagnant piece of paper?  Doesn’t a cookie-cutter approach eliminate the “individualized” part of IEP?

This is where ConnectEd and Zoey come in!  Zoey is the student’s virtual assistant and she is a virtual   tether  between the teachers, parents, counselors and healthcare professionals. We can utilize Zoey and the ConnectEd app to truly customize each student’s IEP.  ConnectEd is with the student 24/7, where a teacher’s influence only last during the short time they are with the student Monday through Friday. ConnectEd encourages the student’s active participation in their IEP, therefore leading to behavior modification and long term success.

Life Recovery Solutions has a unique  approach to increase the positive impact of IEP.
Our mobile application ConnectEd, is designed to modify behaviors by encouraging new positive habits. The ConnectEd tools are integrated with Zoey our Virtual Assistant.  Zoey provides ongoing encouragement and feedback while assigning the student new specific tasks throughout the day. The psychology behind the reminders and constant contact is to disrupt old ways of  thinking and create new  positive patterns for a successful    future. Everyone involved in the student’s IEP, including family, friends, teachers and professionals, can view the student’s moods, activities, and receive alerts from ConnectEd when concerns arise.

How does all of this benefit the  District?

— Reduce cost of administration

— Increased graduation rates

— Efficient use of teacher’s time

— Diminish the impact of bullying

— Increased IEP effectiveness