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Software Solutions
Life Recovery Solutions is a Behavioral Modification Company created to transform lives and families by supporting those who are struggling to stay focused and on track without falling back into old behaviors.  We believe by utilizing the software tools built by Life Recovery Solutions, individuals are able to stay motivated and focused on what they need to accomplish.  It doesn't matter if you are struggling to meet a sales quota or need help with recovery, disability or illness. We build the tools to modify behaviors and build and encourage positive habits. 

Life Recovery Solutions (LRS) has been developing technology (Life Connect) to modify behavior by monitoring and managing the progress, behaviors and triggers 24/7.  We believe this will work for those struggling with disabilities, addiction, mental illness and to modify criminal behavior for those on Parole and Probation.   

Our tools give the client and family hope.  This is especially important because of the growing number of people suffering from depression, mental illness, eating disorders or drug addiction as a result of neglect, abuse and/or trauma.   

Our application (Life Connect), keeps people connected with those who care about them the most and keeps them focused on the future.  Life Connect is designed to interrupt the old triggers and cues and replace them with new positive habits.  The Life Connect tools are integrated with Zoey our Virtual Health Assistant and she provides ongoing encouragement and feedback while assigning the client new specific tasks throughout the day.  This disrupts the old thinking and creates new positive patterns.  Family, friends and professionals can view the client’s moods, activities, and receive alerts from Zoey when the old patterns emerge.

Our customers are the recovery centers and probation offices (DOJ) who use the Life Connect to connect with their clients 24/7, automate simple tasks for the client and better manage their caseload.  This reduces the workload for each counselor or officer, enabling them to be more efficient and service their clients more effectively.  The client uses Life Connect to stay healthy and in recovery.