We are a solutions company that develops behavior modification software

​​​Life Recovery Solutions creates behavioral modification tools to transform lives and families with a virtual assistant.  We believe by utilizing the software tools provided by   Life Recovery Solutions, individuals will find a voice and have a safe outlet for their struggles caused by disability, addiction or  illness. Our tools provide individuals with a way to stay connected to those who support them for a successful future.

Our expertise enables us to create software solutions to monitor and a change behavior for a wide range of industries such as:
  • Individual Education Program (IEP) 
  • Department of Corrections
  • Mental Health
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Weight Loss
  • PTSD and Trauma

We Save Lives - Our tools assist individuals in their recovery from addiction, substance abuse, illness or disability. The core of the application is Zoey, a virtual assistant available 24/7 who interacts with patients both proactively and reactively throughout the entirety of their recovery process. Zoey converses with patients regarding their mood, effects of medication, daily habits, and more, creating a consistent connection for the patient while collecting valuable data for counselors that enhances the productivity of their sessions. We believe and have seen first-hand Zoey’s ability to modify behavior and lead to successful recovery rates much higher than the industry standard. 




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